Friday, 4 February 2011

MY OCD..........................

MY OCD...................

I’ve always had a touch of OCD,
I’m very highly strung,
When someone does anything for me
There’s a certain way it should be done.

My kitchen was always very clean,
Now, I have to avert my eyes.
I try very hard not to demean,
But, I’m surprised that there aren’t any flies!

Cooking; that’s yet another task
Where I was always very strict,
That food should be cooked a certain way,
Now there is only much conflict.

My clothes must be arranged, just so,
No pants that have gone up my bum;
Or a jumper put on with twisted sleeves.
Oh, how I wish I could ask my mum!

My headrest must be just right, I know
To support my floppy head
I can’t abide it moving to and fro
No..... it’s o.k.........don’t yet wish I was dead

Living, it can be so frustrating
When you have b****y MND,
And you are also afflicted
With a 'slight' case of OCD!!

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  1. so, so true. The tiniest detail can fuck you up. Millimetres matter!