Saturday, 16 July 2011


Life is what you make of it, sometimes it is sad
Sometimes it is brilliant, sometimes it is bad
Make the most of everything, whatever it may be
Cos, if you don’t, you’ll regret not doing it, you’ll see.

Take a jump from a parachute, white water rapids, do
The only person who’ll ever regret not doing it is you
Make the most of every offer in life  that comes your way
It may not be available on another day

Travel widely, take some risks, it’s worth it, wait and see
I wish I’d taken risks in my life before MND!
Seek excitement, enjoy, make sure you have some fun,
There are opportunities in this life for each and everyone

Sunday, 10 July 2011


Obscurity is approaching, I can feel it in my veins
Muscles, they are wasting, my strength, I’ll not regain
Stretching out my arms is a feat no longer easy
Picking up light,empty cups? So hard I feel quite queasy
Going to the toilet is a marathon in the making
It’s also very scary, so, no chances I’ll be taking
Washing is a task that is no longer possible
About my inability I refrain from being irascible
These days my only remit is to find a new solution
To each little problem, though not all have resolution
Hours and hours are taken up with me scouring the net
Not always finding answers, though I won’t give up quite yet
If I didn’t have a purpose I think that I’d go mad
Sitting, daily, at my desk with my computer, oh, how sad
I set myself a goal which, when reached, it gives me pleasure
Though a cure for this disease would be something I would treasure
I think I’ll have to settle with being busy till my demise
As, hoping for a miracle is just, ’Pies up in the skies‘!