Thursday, 24 February 2011

Pauline Hardy is fundraising for Motor Neurone Disease Association

Pauline Hardy is fundraising for Motor Neurone Disease Association
The sun, it is shining, the sky, it is blue, I should be happy, I know
Spring, it is coming, the weather is warm, plants are beginning to grow
I used to love Springtime, would smile in the sun as I drove along in my car
Now I am not such an optimist, though I know many people who are
I try to think of happier times, when I had full use of my limbs
I could run along a sandy beach, jump in the water and swim
These days I am wheelchair bound with limited dexterity and strength
What I wouldn't give to walk once again or to swim one or two lengths
However, I'll have to bite the bullet, accept the bitter blow of fate
Try to make my mark on society, for other MND people's sake
If you like what you read on this page or see me on U Tube reciting
Please donate to the MNDA on 'Just Giving' for a cure, I'm inviting
You to give to a worthy cause, to find an end to this cruel disease
One which affects lives, destructively, bringing, once, 'normal' people to their knees

Daughter, Alex, running Marathon for MNDA, April 2010

Sunday, 20 February 2011


I went to Wisley Gardens, the day was rather cold
I shivered in the wind outside but thought that I’d be bold
I sat outside the cafe with my Raspberry Ripple friends
Hoping that the sun would shine and so would make amends
To warm me up and stop my fatless, scrawny frame
From freezing so my fingers would start working once again
Some of the vegetation was dead and really brown
But some plants were a lovely sight with flowers hanging down
We entered in the glass house, it was a lovely sight
There were the most amazing butterflies with colours bright
The best part of this venture was the tropical heat inside
I wallowed in this climate and enjoyed a very slow ride
As I wheeled around this feature, buzzing with the crowds
With many taking photos and exclaiming right out loud
Outside again the biting wind blew briskly in my face
We wandered round the gardens while our carers kept up pace
Once back at the car we drove home, turned up the heat
I was defrosted in the microwave to warm up my purple feet!!!! (But don't try this at home)!!!
Wisley was quite lovely I had a really enjoyable day
Next time I’ll  go when the sun is shining, perhaps, this time, in May!!

Wednesday, 16 February 2011


Valentine's Day on Monday, I looked forward to it with glee
Hoping that my husband would give something nice to me
I'd written him a card via Moonpig;what a great site
It spoke about our love, sort of, and  I tried with all my might
To write nice things, though, these days it is quite hard
I wrote a 'funny' poem in his carefully chosen card
I'd bought him a bobble hat, cashmere, no bobble on the top
He asked for this to keep him warm as he has no curly mop
Imagine my surprise when Valentine's Day it dawned
I received.... an azalea plant, can't say I wasn't warned
I should have realised that I would get no chocolate box
Or roses, diamonds or silk underwear, or even cashmere socks
No, 30 years of hubby should have made me realise
That the only present I will get is staring into his eyes
As he pulls up my pants and trousers, too, each day
He tries his best, or so he says, this is just his way
The azalea plant will be lovely when it's in full bloom
But I'd much rather have had some chocolates to take away the gloom
Hey ho, I should have known that when I married my man
He isn't at all romantic and gets away with whatever he can
I can't be the only lass, sitting here on Valentine's Day
Wishing for a miracle to wash the tears away
I suppose I should be grateful, there are many worse off than me
At least I got a present, my b****y azalea tree!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, 9 February 2011


I’m sitting in my wet-room with heat blowing on my face
My body is quite naked but who cares about disgrace?
In my bedroom I get dressed with a convector heater near
I wallow in the hot, dry air without a single fear
My nice merino wool vest is so cosy on my skin
My cashmere socks and sheepskin boots will keep the warmth right in
A woolly jumper will complete the warm ensemble
Fingerless Alpaca gloves protect my fingers from cold tremble
To complete this stunning picture I  wear a down jacket on my top
Perhaps a woolly hat on my head to cover up my mop
Ah, roll on the summer when I can sit right in the sun
In my new conservatory, whilst I chat to everyone
Heat on the face is so nice, makes sunbathing people smile
We can forget some of our troubles, for a little while.

Monday, 7 February 2011


I'm sorry, I just have to laugh. I have supported Liverpool FC since I was about 19 (I had a Liverpudlian boyfriend) but am, not by any stretch, fanatical. I watched them through the days of  'Our Kev', Stevie Highway, poor departed Emlyn Hughes and co; have watched them win European glory and seen them, as lately, in the depths of despair and near the bottom of the Premiership. But, I've never lost any sleep over them or any other sports team or individual. I just enjoy sport; enjoyed playing when 'normal' and watching now I'm a 'raspberry'. So, it was with much hilarity that I watched the football  results on Saturday to see that Arsenal had capitulated and managed to lose a 4-0 lead at 27 minutes to end up with a draw with Newcastle.

My younger daughter's boyfriend, an avid Arsenal fan, said, "You can see why I am sad". She said, "IT'S A GAME, GET OVER IT"!. Precisely. However, on waking this morning and being told by my husband that Liverpool had beaten Chelsea 1-0, I couldn't help a little imaginary 'air punch' (alas, not capable of a real one). Result!! Seems like Torres doesn't travel too well. That journey from 'up North' to 'the smoke' didn't do him much good. . All those guys whom I know who are completely fanatical about The Blues; hard luck. Never mind, there's always next week, Chelsea . Cuum awn, you reds!!!!

By the way; well done, England's rugby team v Wales  on Friday... but... pleaaaase don't keep kicking the ball. You beat Australia by running the ball and started the first half on Friday by doing it. Learning curve???????????

Saturday, 5 February 2011


She's back! Well, sort of; my younger daughter has arrived back from the Army Biathlon championships. She did very well, considering that, before November 2010 she had never skiied 'classic' or 'skate' and never shot at a 50p size target whilst breathing heavily and lying on the ground; they also shoot standing at a slightly larger target but, of course, you are swaying!
Alex was 1st Novice in several races and was even asked to join a devlopment squad which would mean full time skiing. But, she did not join the army to ski, so, she gracefully declined the offer.
Being an officer in the Royal Engineers, her job is to oversee buidling projects. In August she is off to Kenya for five months. Sounds great; however, they will be in the middle of nowhere so, we'll see.

Having arrived back she is a very busy bee; rushing off shopping, lunching and  attending the engagement part of my older daughter, Victoria, tonight. No-one over 35 allowed! Victoria is also very busy today; four of her cheerleading teams are competing at a local competition. She is also participating for which may well be her last time. She is, seriously, considering hanging up her cheerleader shoes (yes, they have special ones!).  I, for one, will be happy when she does. Only the other week she managed to badly sprain her ankle whilst tumbling. I worry as all mothers do. Being at the wrong end of twenty and still tumbling is quite some achievement but it does take its toll on the body and require constant practice.

Family dinner last night was great. Leonard made the birthday cake for Victoria using the banana cake recipe and added some cocoa powder; loverly!  Covered in vanilla icing, it was quite delicious. We put one of the silly musical candles on which played, 'Happy Birthday'- very squeaky, but funny!

We don't have too many opportunities to all get together so, this was great. The unfortunate part was that Alex developed yet another cold whilst in Germany meaning that I was unable to be anywhere near her whilst she was here. She was coughing and sneezing all weekend and, whenever she forgot and came to stand or sit next to me, I had to ask her to go away. It was awful; I wanted, so much, to give her a great big cuddle and kiss but am terrified of catching either a cough or a cold. My respiratory function is diminishing and I am unable to cough or blow my nose. What would happen if I got a cold I dread to think. I was glad when she went back to Cambridge as I no longer had to keep telling her to 'go away'. Alex is back later this week as she has to have a minor op to remove screws from her humerus where she fractured it a two yars ago. Hopefully, her cold will be on the ebb.

Little addendum: Victoria's four teams, 'Unity' Peach,Pearl, Rose and Indigo all won their division. WAY TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well done, teams. Well done coach!!!!!!!!!!

And....... Victoria loved it and...... may even compete again. Oh dear!

Friday, 4 February 2011

MY OCD..........................

MY OCD...................

I’ve always had a touch of OCD,
I’m very highly strung,
When someone does anything for me
There’s a certain way it should be done.

My kitchen was always very clean,
Now, I have to avert my eyes.
I try very hard not to demean,
But, I’m surprised that there aren’t any flies!

Cooking; that’s yet another task
Where I was always very strict,
That food should be cooked a certain way,
Now there is only much conflict.

My clothes must be arranged, just so,
No pants that have gone up my bum;
Or a jumper put on with twisted sleeves.
Oh, how I wish I could ask my mum!

My headrest must be just right, I know
To support my floppy head
I can’t abide it moving to and fro
No..... it’s o.k.........don’t yet wish I was dead

Living, it can be so frustrating
When you have b****y MND,
And you are also afflicted
With a 'slight' case of OCD!!