Tuesday, 21 December 2010

The children are back in the nest!

At last! Alex, my youngest has arrived back from a 5 week stay in sweden where she was skiing with the army. (It's a hard life, isn't it). We (inlcuding my newly engaged older daughter, Victoria) are all off to do a last minute Christmas shop.
Having been a very keen 'shopper' all of my life, till now, I find it increasingly difficult to get up any enthusiasm to go shopping; my only purchases these days are clothes which will keep me warm and which are easy to get on and off. I am either relying on someone to dress and undress me or trying (the last throes of independence) to pull my own trousers up when going to the loo. Something which is becoming nigh on an impossibility........tearful times.
I will enjoy Victoria (who has chosen clothes as the bulk of her presents) strutting her stuff whilst dressed in all manor of fashionable items. To Alex and myself she seems to spend an inordinate amount of time posing in all her glory!
I am really looking forward to having the whole family here together for Christmas; turkey and all the trimmings (mine chopped up nicely so as not to spill too much down my bib. But....hey.... too much information!). Loads of presents.. I LOVE watching people opening presents. I have enjoyed my time on Amazon buying most of them and love, even more, the look on their faces when they open them. It makes 'hanging around' on this earth a little more worthwhile. Though I do worry about how I will feel when the festivities are all over and done and it is back to normality; Alex off to France for another month and Victoria back to work. Mind you, I have to stay around for at least another year for "The wedding"........no, not THAT wedding but Victoria's. It will be a Christmas wedding and I am sure that  it will be a spectacle to behold!
Let us hope that us 'raspberries' have a reasonable Christmas, all things considered.

Saturday, 18 December 2010


The trees are all adorned with pretty decorations

The presents are all bought, there was no hesitation

A card was duly made, complete with a photo of our tree

I wrote a little poem, e mailed it out to all, “From me”!

Shopping for the turkey was done by telephone

Most of the feast for Christmas delivered to our home

I’m watching ‘Christmas’ films, they’re all over our TV

Can’t wait for Christmas day when my children come to me

Christmas isn’t just a time for the young or mums and dads

It isn’t just a time for getting the toys from TV ads

It’s the time when families should all be together

Making sure you gather as one, despite the weather

The snow, though it is deep, doesn’t bother us one jot

Are we prepared for Christmas? Guys, we’ve done the lot!

CUM AWN, IT’S CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!