Tuesday, 13 September 2011

My Catheter

I’ve just got a catheter,  a supra pubic one
It saves me getting on the loo to sit on my bum
It’s a very weird feeling, not needing to wee
But it gives back some independence to me
Before the procedure I wouldn’t go out
Afraid to need the toilet of that there’s no doubt
I’d not drink a drop for hours on end
Dehydrating myself, it drove me round the bend
Now, I sit in my chair, don’t need the loo
I only use the toilet if I need a pooh!
But the bag, it must be emptied periodically
My husband must do it as he lives with me
I’ve decided upon a name for his task
He’s the ‘Royal Piss-taker’, I just have to ask
Him to rock up, wash his hands and empty away
It’s a job he must do several times in a day
I hope that he doesn’t get bored with his role
As it’ll need to be done till I’m nout but a soul!!!