Saturday, 5 February 2011


She's back! Well, sort of; my younger daughter has arrived back from the Army Biathlon championships. She did very well, considering that, before November 2010 she had never skiied 'classic' or 'skate' and never shot at a 50p size target whilst breathing heavily and lying on the ground; they also shoot standing at a slightly larger target but, of course, you are swaying!
Alex was 1st Novice in several races and was even asked to join a devlopment squad which would mean full time skiing. But, she did not join the army to ski, so, she gracefully declined the offer.
Being an officer in the Royal Engineers, her job is to oversee buidling projects. In August she is off to Kenya for five months. Sounds great; however, they will be in the middle of nowhere so, we'll see.

Having arrived back she is a very busy bee; rushing off shopping, lunching and  attending the engagement part of my older daughter, Victoria, tonight. No-one over 35 allowed! Victoria is also very busy today; four of her cheerleading teams are competing at a local competition. She is also participating for which may well be her last time. She is, seriously, considering hanging up her cheerleader shoes (yes, they have special ones!).  I, for one, will be happy when she does. Only the other week she managed to badly sprain her ankle whilst tumbling. I worry as all mothers do. Being at the wrong end of twenty and still tumbling is quite some achievement but it does take its toll on the body and require constant practice.

Family dinner last night was great. Leonard made the birthday cake for Victoria using the banana cake recipe and added some cocoa powder; loverly!  Covered in vanilla icing, it was quite delicious. We put one of the silly musical candles on which played, 'Happy Birthday'- very squeaky, but funny!

We don't have too many opportunities to all get together so, this was great. The unfortunate part was that Alex developed yet another cold whilst in Germany meaning that I was unable to be anywhere near her whilst she was here. She was coughing and sneezing all weekend and, whenever she forgot and came to stand or sit next to me, I had to ask her to go away. It was awful; I wanted, so much, to give her a great big cuddle and kiss but am terrified of catching either a cough or a cold. My respiratory function is diminishing and I am unable to cough or blow my nose. What would happen if I got a cold I dread to think. I was glad when she went back to Cambridge as I no longer had to keep telling her to 'go away'. Alex is back later this week as she has to have a minor op to remove screws from her humerus where she fractured it a two yars ago. Hopefully, her cold will be on the ebb.

Little addendum: Victoria's four teams, 'Unity' Peach,Pearl, Rose and Indigo all won their division. WAY TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well done, teams. Well done coach!!!!!!!!!!

And....... Victoria loved it and...... may even compete again. Oh dear!

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