Wednesday, 16 February 2011


Valentine's Day on Monday, I looked forward to it with glee
Hoping that my husband would give something nice to me
I'd written him a card via Moonpig;what a great site
It spoke about our love, sort of, and  I tried with all my might
To write nice things, though, these days it is quite hard
I wrote a 'funny' poem in his carefully chosen card
I'd bought him a bobble hat, cashmere, no bobble on the top
He asked for this to keep him warm as he has no curly mop
Imagine my surprise when Valentine's Day it dawned
I received.... an azalea plant, can't say I wasn't warned
I should have realised that I would get no chocolate box
Or roses, diamonds or silk underwear, or even cashmere socks
No, 30 years of hubby should have made me realise
That the only present I will get is staring into his eyes
As he pulls up my pants and trousers, too, each day
He tries his best, or so he says, this is just his way
The azalea plant will be lovely when it's in full bloom
But I'd much rather have had some chocolates to take away the gloom
Hey ho, I should have known that when I married my man
He isn't at all romantic and gets away with whatever he can
I can't be the only lass, sitting here on Valentine's Day
Wishing for a miracle to wash the tears away
I suppose I should be grateful, there are many worse off than me
At least I got a present, my b****y azalea tree!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. I love this, Pauline. Why haven't I found this site before, I wonder? Keep them coming.