Monday, 7 February 2011


I'm sorry, I just have to laugh. I have supported Liverpool FC since I was about 19 (I had a Liverpudlian boyfriend) but am, not by any stretch, fanatical. I watched them through the days of  'Our Kev', Stevie Highway, poor departed Emlyn Hughes and co; have watched them win European glory and seen them, as lately, in the depths of despair and near the bottom of the Premiership. But, I've never lost any sleep over them or any other sports team or individual. I just enjoy sport; enjoyed playing when 'normal' and watching now I'm a 'raspberry'. So, it was with much hilarity that I watched the football  results on Saturday to see that Arsenal had capitulated and managed to lose a 4-0 lead at 27 minutes to end up with a draw with Newcastle.

My younger daughter's boyfriend, an avid Arsenal fan, said, "You can see why I am sad". She said, "IT'S A GAME, GET OVER IT"!. Precisely. However, on waking this morning and being told by my husband that Liverpool had beaten Chelsea 1-0, I couldn't help a little imaginary 'air punch' (alas, not capable of a real one). Result!! Seems like Torres doesn't travel too well. That journey from 'up North' to 'the smoke' didn't do him much good. . All those guys whom I know who are completely fanatical about The Blues; hard luck. Never mind, there's always next week, Chelsea . Cuum awn, you reds!!!!

By the way; well done, England's rugby team v Wales  on Friday... but... pleaaaase don't keep kicking the ball. You beat Australia by running the ball and started the first half on Friday by doing it. Learning curve???????????

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