Sunday, 20 February 2011


I went to Wisley Gardens, the day was rather cold
I shivered in the wind outside but thought that I’d be bold
I sat outside the cafe with my Raspberry Ripple friends
Hoping that the sun would shine and so would make amends
To warm me up and stop my fatless, scrawny frame
From freezing so my fingers would start working once again
Some of the vegetation was dead and really brown
But some plants were a lovely sight with flowers hanging down
We entered in the glass house, it was a lovely sight
There were the most amazing butterflies with colours bright
The best part of this venture was the tropical heat inside
I wallowed in this climate and enjoyed a very slow ride
As I wheeled around this feature, buzzing with the crowds
With many taking photos and exclaiming right out loud
Outside again the biting wind blew briskly in my face
We wandered round the gardens while our carers kept up pace
Once back at the car we drove home, turned up the heat
I was defrosted in the microwave to warm up my purple feet!!!! (But don't try this at home)!!!
Wisley was quite lovely I had a really enjoyable day
Next time I’ll  go when the sun is shining, perhaps, this time, in May!!

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