Thursday, 24 February 2011

The sun, it is shining, the sky, it is blue, I should be happy, I know
Spring, it is coming, the weather is warm, plants are beginning to grow
I used to love Springtime, would smile in the sun as I drove along in my car
Now I am not such an optimist, though I know many people who are
I try to think of happier times, when I had full use of my limbs
I could run along a sandy beach, jump in the water and swim
These days I am wheelchair bound with limited dexterity and strength
What I wouldn't give to walk once again or to swim one or two lengths
However, I'll have to bite the bullet, accept the bitter blow of fate
Try to make my mark on society, for other MND people's sake
If you like what you read on this page or see me on U Tube reciting
Please donate to the MNDA on 'Just Giving' for a cure, I'm inviting
You to give to a worthy cause, to find an end to this cruel disease
One which affects lives, destructively, bringing, once, 'normal' people to their knees

Daughter, Alex, running Marathon for MNDA, April 2010

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