Wednesday, 9 February 2011


I’m sitting in my wet-room with heat blowing on my face
My body is quite naked but who cares about disgrace?
In my bedroom I get dressed with a convector heater near
I wallow in the hot, dry air without a single fear
My nice merino wool vest is so cosy on my skin
My cashmere socks and sheepskin boots will keep the warmth right in
A woolly jumper will complete the warm ensemble
Fingerless Alpaca gloves protect my fingers from cold tremble
To complete this stunning picture I  wear a down jacket on my top
Perhaps a woolly hat on my head to cover up my mop
Ah, roll on the summer when I can sit right in the sun
In my new conservatory, whilst I chat to everyone
Heat on the face is so nice, makes sunbathing people smile
We can forget some of our troubles, for a little while.

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