Saturday, 29 January 2011

LIFE GOES ON....................

It's Saturday, not a lot has changed; well, actually, nothing has changed. Today I started taking vitamin D3 just in case I get ricketts! I know, I'm barking. However, I spend so much time indoors that I rarely see the cold light of day; gives me something to do! I am also taking zinc and alpha lipoic acid. The latter two for my 'Burning Mouth Syndrome'; yep, not only do I have to contend with MND and all the discomfort and problems that this brings, but I have a problem in my mouth which, apparently, is incurable and may...........or may not ever go away. The symptoms are such that it feels as if I have burnt my mouth and  it never changes. Some days are slightly better than others; but, mostly it is very uncomfortable. The only way to relieve the symptoms, temporarily, is to drink, eat or chew gum.

This problem began last year when a crown fell off my broken back tooth and the jagged remains irritated my tongue. The problem persisted despite having the tooth ground down and then developed into BMS. It is debilitating and depressing to think that I may have it till the day I die......

On the bright side, yesterday I went to the cinema with my older daughter, Victoria and my husband. We went to see Black Swan; it's a brilliant film. Natalie Portman is amazing in it and thoroughly deserved the Golden Globe award and Oscar nomination!

We were going to go shopping on the previous day but the battery on my car was flat and attempts at charging failed as the charger was no good. To add insult to injury, my husband (Leonard)'s car also had a flat battery; so he couldn't go out either! We had to call the RAC and get them to 'jump start' the car. (I originally wrote 'cat' here till I noticed and corrected it just in time; however, the mind boggles!!) Seems ok at the moment.

We still have an ongoing problem with the car. Apart from the flat battery, we still have a fuel feed problem. It seems that, when the fuel tank gets down to about a quarter there is some sort of problem which, according to the manufacturer has been caused by the conversion when the tank was interfered with. Difficult, since the company which did the conversion is in administration. Still, as long as we keep the tank above a quarter it may be ok (fingers crossed).

On the positive front, it is my older daughter's birthday next week - 28!! She probably thinks that her life is almost over. Never mind. She is a very successful, lovely young woman and I am very proud of her. She runs her own Cheerleading company which she started two years ago; coaching in schools initially, she now coaches six teams under her own banner many of which are successful in National Competition. She has now been asked to choreograph and advise for a film being made about cheerleading this year. This is the daughter getting married at Christmas; a very busy bee.

The other positive point is that my younger daughter, Alex is coming home. She has been in France and Germany since 4th January and, before Christmas, in Sweden for five weeks.skiing with the army biathlon team. I miss her loads; speaking on the phone is not the same. She is a lieutenant in the Royal Engineers and I am, also, extemely proud of her. I am very lucky to have two such lovely daughters.

On Friday we are all getting together at mine for dinner; daughters, fiance and boyfriend. Lovely. I'll get Leonard to make a cake! I have worked out that, if I type out a recipe explicitly, with all the instructions clearly laid out he can cook a good dish. One of these is a banana cake. I'll tweak it to a chocolate one and let you know how we get on!

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  1. What bad luck to develop such a nasty mouth problem! Have a lovely family evening on Friday. It was our son Tom's 16th last week and our daughter Kate (18)came home from Exeter uni to celebrate with us. There really is nothing like a good chocolate cake. Looking forward to hearing about your joint creation! (And thanks for your lovely comment).