Friday, 21 January 2011


I try my utmost to be upbeat, I try hard not to moan
To post a blog that’s positive and not full up with groans
But I must admit, it’s difficult, sometimes I want to scream
I wish my life was as simple as it appears when in my dreams
Why, oh why, am I thwarted every which way I go?
Everything I touch seems to fill my life with woe
My car for which I waited for, almost, a year
Has never been quite right and now never will, I fear
The company providing it have into administration gone
And that is by no means all of the problems going on
Yesterday I received in the post a letter from a bank
Telling me it was they who owned my car, it couldn’t be more frank
What? Pray tell me, what on earth is going on
It seems the MD performed many things that were wrong
I paid to have a lift going through the floor
Within one day it crashed and didn’t function any more
The engineers came and said they would repair
It lasted only a short time, I really do despair
Wheelchairs and equipment, whatever you may need
Technology, mobility, I pray you will succeed
Just be careful what you buy, check with all your might
Make sure that the supplier has really got it right
Learn from my experience, make sure there’s nothing wrong
Or you will end up cursing the workmen when they’re gone

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