Thursday, 13 January 2011


Well, so much for 2011 being better than the previous year!!! It started with a damp squibb; not that I actually stayed up to watch any fireworks (yes, I know, miserable git). Eventually, someone from the lift company came to sort out our newly-installed lift which had not worked properly since the day after it was installed. It needed a new ram??? (apparently, the hydraulic driving mechanism which was out of sync- so they say). So, that is now working. The fact that I was stuck upstairs in my wheelchair on Christmas Day is neither here nor there! I did, eventuially, get down but only just and then had to drive my outside wheelchair round all day which is extremely awkward (see later paragraph as to outcome!!!!!!!!) Still can't get into it in my indoor chair without being pushed as the mid wheel leaves the ground. Awaiting new tyres which MAY solve the problem. Independence in that respect, pending.
 My adapted car was supposed to be picked up by the adaptaion company this Tuesday (11th)to sort out our suspension problem; a problem which has existed since we received the car in Sepetember. They should have phoned Monday to confirm. No phone call. so, Leonard phoned and got a strange answerphone message, "Due to staff shortages there is no-one in the office today". Odd, to say the least. Phoned again Tuesday am; same message. So, he phoned someone in the workshop and received the bombshell; the company had gone into administration!!!! What???? For goodness sake. We are not sure if it will ever get sorted.
On Saturday, last, the legrests broke off my 'outdoor' wheelchair! I suppose it is partly my fault as I kept bumping into 'things', such as doorways, with it and bashing the legrests. However, in my defence, I can't actually see them and they are quite widely spaced and... doorways are always too narrow. One legrest was already dodgy and held on with tape. Then I bumped into the door of DfS furniture store and they both fell off. Deary me.
Went to the cinema yesterday to see 'The King's Speech'; brilliant film. But, with no legrests my knees and hamstrings became extremely sore and it somewhat spoilt the experience. Now trying to get replacements. No guessing as to how long that will take.
I am supposed to be getting a wheelchair from my local wheelchaiur service but, having agreed to take one which they had purchased for someone else but, which they couldn't have due to weight problems and tie down in their car, I am still waiting almost three months later. Funding, staffing, lack of organisation; all of these add to the problem. I MAY get it next week, who knows?
On the brightside, we are off to see the wedding venue for my elder daughter, Victoria, on Sunday. She is getting married next Christmas. Then, off to lunch with her, fiance and future parents-in-law. Should be nice. Though, as usual, I am already in panic mode about toilets and whether they will be properly accessible in my wheelchair!!
Am really looking forward to posting a positive-sounding blog........don't hold your breath, though!

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  1. don't blame you moaning, what crappy luck with everything