Monday, 17 January 2011


During 2010 we had the Football World Cup...........erhum........the less said about it the better, especially as we have now just won The Ashes at cricket!
However, at the time, I presented a humorous speech about it at my Speakers Club.
Below, is my bent on said World cup and the recent award of the 2018 world cup to Russia? and 2022 to Qatar? who?

We didn't do too well, but, who's fault is that?


“We woz robbed”, I hear you cry,
And I’m sure you wonder why
This fanatical “footballing” nation,
With grandiose ideas above their station
Could only manage the last 16
At the world cup; no longer to be seen.
We’ve, literally, been kicked out
By Germany, it was an absolute rout.
Even with that disallowed goal,
Surely not a single soul
Would disagree that we were, bad.
Never mind, don’t be sad;
There are 4 years for the FA to weave
Another tangled web to deceive
Us into believing that our team is great;
I bet for the next cup you can’t wait!
Maybe it’s time to end the dream,
Stop “bigging” up our football team;
To admit that we are... Well, crap
And though some have talent there isn’t a scrap
Of team spirit amongst those men,
A goalkeeper and players, numbered 10......
Hey ho!

We didn't get the World Cup, do I care?

We woz robbed, again, that familiar whine
Our bidding techniques did not shine
FIFA  and a, supposed,  corrupt team
Together managed to shatter, ‘The Dream’
Of many folk throughout the land
They’ll have their hankies close at hand
I, for one, will shed but one tear
It is no loss for me, but,  I fear
There will be backlashes and blame
For  those involved, they will feel shame
The whole system stinks, it is a joke
We should just distance ourselves from those folk
Who determine the next world cup hosts
They, obviously narrowed the goalposts
And, what about giving one to Qatar?
Does anyone in football even know who they are!
If you ask me we are well rid
How much hype was involved with that bid?
All that money used , what a waste
It really does leave a nasty taste
We’re well rid of the whole thing,
To me, it seems it was just a ‘sting’
I don’t think that it was Panorama
That has caused this whole drama
They just exposed a hidden crime
We had a lucky escape, this time
Get over it!!

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