Sunday, 9 January 2011


Christmas?  It was great fun, my family were all here,
We celebrated it in style just like we do each year.
I made lists aplenty of things that we would need,
Over  four days of Christmas we had many mouths to feed.
I ordered most provisions with a quick click of the mouse,
They were delivered, at various times, by, ‘very nice men’, to the house.
I directed all proceedings from the comfort of my wheelchair,
Things seemed to run quite smoothly; lucky I was there!
On Christmas Eve the turkey it was stuffed and trussed,
The table laid for Christmas lunch with very little fuss.
Presents were all wrapped by my husband and children, for me,
And, when ready, were put by the dozen under the Christmas tree.
Proceedings were run with military style, nothing overlooked,
The turkey put into the oven to ensure that, on time, it was cooked.
All in all it went so smoothly no-one would ever guess,
That the overseer of Christmas was, physically, a mess.
It just goes to show that, although we all suffer from this ‘shitty’ disease,
There’s really no need to allow it to bring us to our knees. (metaphorically, of course!)
I’m  lucky to have two daughters who’ve grown to be just like their mum,
Bossy, opinionated, but organised, and never leave a job undone!
By Pauline Hardy

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