Sunday, 27 March 2011


It's another sunny day and we should be feeling great
Looking forward to the summer, bet that you can't wait
But there on the horizon is a nasty big black cloud
The one that all sports fans fear, it's like a mourning shroud
We're out of World Cup Cricket,Andy Murray's playing s***e
We can't really rely on rugby or football to make it right
Our cyclist in the World Champs aren't performing as they should
What sport is left to make us fans, once again, feel good?
We can rely on one man, though, he plays an obscure sport
Many would say that the definition of this game falls short
But in these quite lean times when winning is thin on the ground
We have to take what we can and his performances are sound
His name? Phil 'The Power' Taylor, he's a legend in his time
He's definitely worth a mention in this little rhyme
Try watching darts on tele, you'll find that it is fun
Their skill with those three arrows will thrill most anyone
I'll always be a fan, no matter what they say
Maybe it will be recognised as a real sport, one day
Till then, I'm not ashamed to admit that I do relish
Watching podgy darts players perform a 'nine dart finish'!


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