Saturday, 26 March 2011


Last night I went to a quiz night
And, surpisingly
Our team didn't have many members
As knowledgeable as me!

I have a retentive memory
There's no denying that
And my retentive memory
Consists of loads of crap

When it comes to the questions in quizes
They seem to be quite strange
So, my retentive  memory for crap
Fits well into the range

I could answer questions
Where no-one else had a clue
But we only came 5th out of ten
Which was, really, rather pooh

But I don't care, cos I know
That the man they call  'Jo Biden'
Is the American Vice President
No-one else knew - not surprising

I read that 'rag', the 'Daily Mail'
At weird articles they're the best
They,also,  provide random info
 I'm, maybe, more knowledgeable than the rest

I'm looking  forward with delight
To the very next quiz
Where I can prove to others
That at knowing 'trivia' (aka,' rubbish')  I'm a wizz!!!.............

Wot, me a 'big-head'? Surely not!!!

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