Tuesday, 15 March 2011


I know I should be happy for a wedding's being planned
I really should be thankful that I'm still able to stand
I can speak and breathe and swallow, can listen and respond
I really shouldn't get upset or be a person in despond
But, somehow, things affect me, I feel somewhat depressed
My feelings of inner happiness are just a tad suppressed
I'm trying hard to perk up, to prevent friends and family
From seeing what I feel like, seeing the 'inner me'
I have tried looking forward to events yet to take place
But, however much I try it depression gathers pace
Going out is such a trial,  so many things to prepare
And I know that I will just endure a  trip in the fresh air
People try to tell me I have things to look forward to
But I bet they would not agree if they felt the way I do
My MND progression is so very hard to bear
That I prefer to be reclusive than to venture 'out there'
Where people are all bustling, living active and full lives
Whilst all us MNDers are trying hard just to survive
I struggle to be positive, to show an inner strength
To hide my negativity I go to the greatest lengths
I write witty poetry and construct helpful blogs
But to be frank this MND lark is such an awful slog
I'd love to stay all cozy in my lovely double bed
But I have to get up,get dressed  and try to face life instead
Is it just for the benfit of others we persist?
Or should I try to make my mark as a reason to exist?
Should I shout out from the rooftops, "Come on, find a cure"!
This is what we sufferers crave, of that you can be sure
Even if a new treatment were only found to halt disease
I know that  MNDers, who could, would fall down on their knees
To worship those discoverers of a life changing drug
That would help us MNDers survive, 'The Bloody, Daily Slog'!

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