Saturday, 19 March 2011

FEELING BETTER...................

On a more positive note, a wedding IS being planned
The reception is booked, honeymoon on the sand
And in the sun, on an island, far away from it all
I'm sure that both bride and groom will have a ball!
I'm writing a poem to read on the day
Not allowed quite 'a speech', but then, hey
It's the father who makes rather a fool of himself
Wittering on about his daughter, no longer 'on the shelf'
Whilst we all sit around, in an embarrassed way
Thinking, "Thank goodness that this isn't 'my day'!
The reception is organised, venue, food and the band
I  offer advice, non physical help, a pastoral hand
Luckily, my daughters still take after their mum
Everything that needs to be done, it gets done
Only nine months to go now, bet my daughter can't wait
Though, come December, she may be in a bit of a state!
It will all work out in the end, of that I am sure
Sweetheart, keep cool, don't sweat, I implore
For me? Something to think about besides MND
A wedding for Christmas; how great that will be!

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  1. Excellent, glad you're "feeling better"!