Monday, 11 April 2011


I've just had a birthday and,now, I am old
I still look quite young, or so I've been told
Though, I move around like someone half dead
I'd much prefer to be lithe and mobile, instead
But, hey, I'm still alive and should be grateful
Shouldn't moan a lot and be quite hateful
Yet, I admit  I'm as bitter as can be
And wonder, each day, 'Why should it be me"?
I'm someone  who was always 'clean living'
A person, always very  loving and giving
I paid my taxes, and was very healthy
Was fit and slim, though, not exceedingly wealthy
Thinking about what I once was drives me crazy
I am annoyed about the obese and the lazy
Those people who, simply, don't give a damn
However badly they live, they won't be like I am
Life just  isn't fair, of that I am sure
Doesn't matter how I live, there is no cure
I'm destined for paralysis, with my brain still intact
Though still thinking and speaking, unable to act
I wake up some mornings and 'hate everyone'
It isn't very nice, but, when all's said and done
You wouldn't wish this on your worst enemy
The life that I live with my MND!

Half an hour later I read this on another blog:

"To hold on to hate and resentments is to throw a monkey wrench into the machinery of life."  E. Stanley Jones

Lovely 'psychobabble'. Great when you are analysing someone; however, difficult to follow when the shit happens to you!

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