Thursday, 14 April 2011


Harry, the cat
Lays on the mat
He's always in the way
He sits on my lap
When I'm taking a crap
When I say,"Go", he stays

He's quite a clingy boy
Sometimes plays with a toy
But, most of the time he wails
He gets under my wheels
Doing 'head-over-heels'
I'm careful I don't hurt his tail

He's a strange Burmese thing
I treat him like a king
I indulge and spoil him quite badly
Harry's a fussy cat
I'll admit to that
He eats only cat biscuits, sadly

I love Harry, my cat
Who's as daft as a bat
To have him in my life is a pleasure
Though sometimes he's bad
I talk to him, am I mad?
He keeps me company but at his leisure

Harry, my pet
Is an animal, yet
He seems to know where he's at
He'll hang on with his claws
Or hit me with his paws
To make sure  I know he's TOP CAT!!

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