Monday, 25 April 2011


My friend, Steve, yesterday, he died
I'm sad, when I was told, I cried
Not for him, though, as he is free
No more living with his MND

I'm sad, though, for his family
His children and his wife, Julie
I'll definitely miss his joking ways
Though he didn't load me with praise

He called me, a 'battleaxe', one time
It was hilarious, worth a mention in this rhyme
Steve told jokes which were quite rude
The punch lines could be incredibly crude

But, somehow you just didn't care
Steve made you laugh when he was there
With his 'eyegazer' humour and quick wit
He could join in the fun and 'do his bit'

We'll miss you Steve, of that I'm sure
Your delayed responses we'll hear no more
Hopefully, now, you are at rest
Just want you to know, you were the best

God Bless. xx

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