Saturday, 30 June 2012


The Olympics, football, Oh my god,
David Beckham’s not in the squad!
He’s been left out of the football team
That Stuart Pearce is really mean ...............
But, hold on a minute, let’s be sensible
Is that logic not defensible?
David’s old and past his prime
He’s done his bit, had his time
Aren’t we trying hard to win?
If we recruit the likes of him
We’re really riding for a fall
We really won’t stand a chance at all
Let’s forget the ‘Old boys’ network’
And recruit players with great footwork
Those who can perform for an hour and a half
But, hang on again, that’s a laugh..
Remember just last week at the Euros
We didn’t seem to have many of those
We were embarrassingly poor
Defensively bad, couldn’t score
Maybe we shouldn’t bother to enter some sports ..
Like football, tennis, basketball and all sorts...
Please don’t blame David Beckham’s exclusion
For us coming nowhere, it will be a delusion
We’re crap...............get over it!
(Or, as us Brits like to say ...'We're not quite up to it'!)

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