Saturday, 9 June 2012

Please don't get annoyed .........

MND’s a bastard, it bring us sufferers to our knees
Many cannot speak or eat, breathe unaided or sneeze
A common denominator is that mostly we can’t walk
When out, requiring wheelchairs, at which some of us will  balk
MNDers start out with an optimistic outlook
Bringing any odd dissenters, very quickly, to book
Unfortunately, MND takes no prisoners, is relentless
It marches on regardless, and sometimes I must confess
Where,I once was belligerent, ‘MND won’t beat me’, I said
As time goes on, MND plays severely with my head
There are days when I am fed up and depressed and feeling sad
I want people to support me, to stop me feeling bad
I don’t want to be chastised for not being ‘Optimistic’
When sceptical of breakthroughs; a cure won’t be that quick
So, for those of us, when down and bitter and resentful
Be empathetic and supportive, persuade us our cup’s half full
And not half empty as so many of us fear
When we see how many of us are dying every year
Yes, we can make the most of the time that we’re around
Try to raise funds or awareness as with talents we abound
We’ll have days when we’re upbeat and won’t let the b****r get us
But we’ll also have the days when we’re down and think, ’Why us’?
Please don’t be annoyed when someone’s sad and cannot cope
Just be patient, offer help and positive cajoling, yes, and................ hope


  1. My dad died from Motor Neurone Disease in 2002 when I was only three. I have no memories of him. But this post, and the others, really... touch me. Keep fighting, and all my love, Jake.

  2. Thank you Jake. I am so sorry that you didn't get to know your dad. I bet he was a great guy. Maybe one day there will be a treatment/cure. Love, Pauline