Saturday, 9 June 2012

In my opinion ...

I’m an optimistic person, though it may be ‘tongue in cheek’
About our chances in ‘The Euros’ that have started just this week
We’ve a motley selection making up our team
The likes of some I’ve not heard of or even seen
I’m afraid I can’t pretend that I’m really excited
Or that I’d love to go and watch us play, not that I’m invited
I’d rather get my 'kicks' from watching teams like Poland play
With their ‘second string’ goalie diving down to save the day
I think I would prefer to watch my mate, ‘Phil The Power’, Taylor
Throwing darts in the UK Open, he’s an amazing player
Or the lovely Lewis Hamilton thrilling in his car
A great successful driver, we know that he’ll go far
Then there’s Jess, Thomas and Mark Cavendish, almost dead certs for gold
And Rebecca Addlington as well as others, so we’re told
We’re number one team in the world at the game of test cricket
As well as being one, two and three at golf, ‘yes’! that’s just the ticket
So I’m afraid that I won’t shed a tear if England fail to flourish
Because contrary to some opinions I think our football team is ..............overpaid and rubbish

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