Thursday, 5 April 2012


I’ve just been to Tk Maxx, my hubby, two daughters and me
I found it quite depressing now that I’m struggling with my MND
Whilst my lovely girls are searching for the latest fashions to wear
I am desperately trying to find warm tracksuit bottoms, how ‘square’!
I once was the height of fashion; into tight-fitting jeans I would squeeze
Now I need clothes that a carer can get on and off with some ease
My footwear is most unattractive to encompass  swollen purple feet
‘Old-people’ boots with a Velcro ‘do-up’, so ugly that I want to weep
I’m freezing ninety five percent of the time, flimsy tops are out of the question
But, if anyone out there can recommend something I am open to any suggestion
My life as I knew it is over, though I’m trying hard to remain upbeat
This f*****g  awful disease makes it terribly hard not to admit defeat
Hey, ho...............

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