Saturday, 28 April 2012

Daft decisions .......

It’s p*****g with rain, we are flooding
The banks of some rivers have burst
Many are wading but there’s a hosepipe ban
You couldn’t have made this up first

Just one ridiculous example
Of a country subject to ridicule
Daft decisions which affect you and I
Like those ‘elf ‘n safety rules

What is it about politicians?
That when they become an MP
They completely take leave of their senses
Their daft laws completely baffle me

I’m trying to work out a reason
Why more 'sensible' people don’t apply
To become a Member of Parliament
If you know the answer, TELL ME, WHY?

1 comment:

  1. Well Put. To become an MP you have to be a 'on' message with your party, and work your way up the greasy pole, to get a slot in a winnable seat. Not attractive for free thinkers.
    Independents? - very little chance.

    Keep up the great posts!