Monday, 9 January 2012


Beautiful Bride and Handsome Groom
(I'm biased) 

A Christmas wedding, the thought was quite daunting
The day was amazing even though t’was exhausting
My pathetically weak body stood up very well
I recited a poem ‘what I’d writ’, which was swell
My daughter looked radiant, a beautiful sight
The venue looked fantastic in the evening twilight
The food looked appealing, was so tasty and hot
Like traditional weddings? This one was not
The theme it was festive, colours gold and red
The cake was not fruity but cupcakes instead
Speeches were made, most of which made us laugh
Opportunities provided for great photographs
The festivities were started with Israeli dancing  
Bride and groom carried in chairs by those prancing
There was drink aplenty, a photo booth, which was fun
Silly poses and photos made by most everyone
In all, the wedding produced such a brilliant day
Victoria would not have wanted it any other way

Mother of The Bride

Beautiful Bridesmaid (sister) and Beautiful Bride
(Again, biased)

Father of The Bride..

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