Saturday, 10 March 2012

Another Day Dawns

Another day dawns, my MND still exists
The problems of disability, they do persist
My neck is very bad, so weak, it is crap
It’s even difficult to read the Kindle on my lap
Eating, now, is hard, food all over the place
Whilst trying to put it in the hole in my face
Wearing nice clothes is, sadly, a thing of the past
They just have to be warm, unless, in the sun I can bask
I can no longer get in or out of bed on my own
I’m reliant on others though I am full grown
Carers perform this task, then shower and dress
My poor, failing body; some days, I must confess
That I wonder why should I still go on living?
I have no enjoyment in life, feel I am just giving
Myself to others who don’t want to see me go
So I feel I must continue this life full of woe
Each day growing bitter about the life I have got
Should I just be grateful for this existence, my lot?
Don’t I have the right to be pissed off and sad?
To be angry at the loss of the life that I had
A life completely reliant on others to do
Everyday tasks which are no problem for you
I look forward some months and what do I see?
A quite bleak outlook is waiting for me........f***k it !

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