Thursday, 27 September 2012

The 'crying' game

I’m crying inside, can’t you see?
It’s because I have dreaded MND
I put on a brave face for others
Hoping that they don’t discover
How unhappy I am with my life
As I cope with the trauma and strife
And the ‘knock-on’ effects
That bloody MND does project
It’s hard to make them understand
About the really bad hand
I’ve been dealt, it’s a blow
I just want them to know
That, try as I might
To put up a fight
It’s becoming quite tough
As the ‘going’ gets rough
To think positively
Though I know it isn’t just me
Who’s affected by this
That their life isn’t just bliss
 I just need to say
That, at the end of the day
They can escape my nightmare
While I’m still left in the despair
That this awful thing brings
For, there are no swings
And roundabouts here
Just snakes, not ladders I fear
Am I really the only one
Who, when all’s said and done
Thinks that life with MND is quite crap!

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