Thursday, 27 September 2012

The Brighter Side of Life!

On a more positive note
While the last thing wot I wrote
Was depressing and really quite sad
There are things going on
For which I need to be strong
Happenings which make me quite glad

My older daughter who’s married
Certainly hasn’t tarried
For she’s having a baby quite soon
My younger daughter’s engaged now
The wedding day it is planned, wow
Taking place in the month after June

So, things are occurring which are nice
Soon, I’ll be a ‘mother-in-law’, twice
And a granny, to boot, oh, what joy
My sons-in-law’, they are great
And now I really can’t wait
To see if we’ve a girl or a boy

So, I’ll fill up my time
Writing poems wot rhyme
In a happy and positive vein
Using my google ability
And computer agility
On EBay again and again!

For the arrival of a small mite
And a ceremony in white
Are what’s keeping me going for now
Choosing an outfit for a wedding
And a baby’s nice bedding
Help me remain upbeat somehow

I’m still inclined to moan
And occasionally groan
About how fate has dealt me a blow
But I’m doing my best
To pass the ‘smiley man’ test
And not be a miserable ‘so and so’!


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