Sunday, 8 May 2011

JUST ONE COLD AWAY .......................

After Steve passed away my other friend, Liam, whilst e-mailing his local wheelchair Dept, mentioned that several of us were going to meet up, but were unable to due to one of us getting a cold and then dying due to chest complications. Liam,  also, said that we were, as MND sufferers, only one cold away from death.  I felt that although this was very 'in your face'.  It was,' in a morbid kind of way' quite funny. I therefore coined the following little ditty:-

It may sound strange when I say
If you're ill keep your snot bugs at bay!
It only takes just one germ
To send us down to the worms
'Cos, with MND we're just one cold away..........

There is a serious side to this; MND sufferers really are very susceptible to chest problems in the latter stages of their disease. If you have any type of respiratory virus, be it cold, cough or similar, please keep away! (in the nicest possible way). Even though we can pick up a cold without realising it, there's no need to tempt fate.

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