Wednesday, 29 August 2012

This Bitch, MND!

I’m crying now, most everyday
This MND won’t go away
It crept along at a slow pace
But now affects me from toes to face
The latest aspect to appear
Is loss of arm strength, and I fear
With it goes my independence
Inability to feed myself makes me tense
Increasing need to rely on others
Makes me feel like a child and its mother
My husband now has to spoon feed me
But with his bad eyesight he cannot see
He’s constantly feeding my chin, nose or cheek
I spend much of each mealtime trying hard not to shriek
‘Higher, right’, or words like this
God, when I fed my children it was ‘a piece of p**s’!
My OCD doesn’t help the situation
It only adds to my severe frustration
Can’t blow my nose or scratch an itch
I can assure you that MND is a ‘bitch’!!

1 comment:

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